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What's Your Neurome ?

How it works

How it Works

Complete the relevant Neurome Interview

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Expert analysis is

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A private personal report is provided

Neurome stands at the forefront of innovation. Pioneered by experts in cognitive behavioural neuroscience, it's groundbreaking.  A quicker and better way to understand yourself and your family.  Poised to ignite a new frontier wave, Neurome is about appreciating human talent, natural variation, ourselves, others. 

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Manager at Kantar Consulting

"This is seriously smart applied science"



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Valued by parents, educators, tutors and universities, The Neurome® is being used to understand pupils.  


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For every family that understands each other, it's one more that has a greater chance of harmony and happiness. 


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Every individual benefits from understanding themselves better, because our brain and mind are our biggest assets, particularly  if we understand them.  


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Streamline recruitment, deployment, value and understand your people. 

Team away day / Christmas party brings people together in a new and valued way.


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One way to improve our personal relationships is for two people to really understand each other.


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We are now working with companies in a bespoke form, offering plug in consultancy and personalised recommendations.


Mental Health 

Neurome® is like an expert telling you about your brain and mind.  It also can be used as a mental health monitor.  A versatile application which is on a mission to nurture the boundless potential of the human mind. Welcome to the future of cognitive empowerment.

Before you start
Trusted by leaders in top organisations including Kantar Consulting, IBM, Content & Cloud.  Neurome has been used to understand managers, employees, teams & relationships.
Parents, educators, CEO's
from prep & public schools including Cheam, Thomas's, Marlborough, Wellington, Radley & Benendon to optimise every child's learning experience. 
We currently have three partnership opportunities open.  Apply here. 
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