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Complete the Neurome® Interview about your child

Neurome® Child Interview


Complete the interview below with care and honesty if you want to benefit from the scientific expertise, each question is important and has been included for a reason. It takes 15 minutes and must be completed in one session.  



This is a new type of expert personality assessment which will give you deeper insight into your child.  You  will be charged £45 at the end.  Results are not saved if payment is not successful.




Why are you completing the Neurome Interview?
Pupil's gender
Is the pupil your...
Is the pupil a twin?
Your relationship to the pupil
Is the pupil left or right handed?
Is the pupil left or right footed?
Is the pupil double-jointed?
Does the pupil suffer from car / motion sickness?
Is the pupil ticklish?
Does the pupil suffer from any allergies?
Is the pupil thriving in school?
Has the pupil ever had a tutor to help them?
Is the pupil traditionally academic?
Is the pupil more of a creative?
Is the pupil sporty?
Is the pupil a good actor?
Can the pupil sing well?
What sports does the pupil enjoy?
Which subjects does the pupil enjoy and do well in? (tick all applicable)
Is the pupil planning to go to university?
Did you or the other pupil's other parent go to university?
Did the pupil learn to read with ease?
Does the pupil enjoy reading?
Does the pupil spell well?
Is the pupil's writing neat and tidy?
Does the pupil find it tiring to write for lengths of time?
Does there seem to be a disparity between the pupil's verbal (spoken) ability and their written work?
Is there a disparity between their cognitive ability and their motor speed?
Does the pupil have any extra help at school?
Has the pupil been assessed?
Does the pupil have any speech concerns?
Has the pupil got good vision?
Does the pupil have trouble copying from the board?
Does the pupil hear well?
Is the pupil very talkative?
Does the pupil happily do their homework?
Does the pupil do well in class but less well in their written work / homework?
Is the pupil fidgety/talkative/disruptive in class?
Does the pupil always know what homework they are meant to be doing?
Can the pupil easily access the homework they need to do on an online school portal?
Does the pupil understand the instructions for their homework tasks?
If no, for what reasons?
Does the pupil perform well in assessments / exams?
Does the pupil seem to learn easily for assessments / exams?
Would you say the pupil is motivated to do well in school?
Would you say the pupil is organised?
Does the pupil seem to remember well?
Is/was the pupil able to learn their times tables easily?
Is the pupil good at remembering & recalling names and dates in history?
Is the pupil able to remember terminology for English, such as what a pronoun is, or do they have to look it up each time?
Do you think the pupil understands what is being explained to them in class?
Does the pupil have good concentration?
Does the pupil concentrate well on things they enjoy outside of school?
Does the pupil seem to 'super focus' i.e. get obsessively into certain things, for example making Lego, building models, computer games, teaching themself a new skill etc.
Is the pupil good at being on time?
Is the pupil good at packing when going away?
What sort of thinker would you say the pupil is?
Does/did the pupil ever experience night terrors (very vivid nightmares where they could interact with you but were still asleep)?
Does/did the pupil ever sleep walk?
Has the pupil every had an imaginary friend?
Does the pupil sometimes say things that seem much more grown up for their years?
Does the pupil generally prefer the company of adults to children?
Does the pupil seem to connect information particularly well, or even make connections that you have not?
Does the pupil have unusual mannerisms or habits?
Does the pupil get socially anxious?
Does the pupil make good eye contact?
Is the pupil very different at home to how they are at school?
Is the pupil popular in school?
Does the pupil have...
Is the pupil confident in their studies?
Is the pupil confident in their social life?
Does/has the pupil suffered from anxiety?
Has the pupil ever experienced a major life event such as parental separation, divorce, death of a parent?
Does / has the pupil shown behavioural issues in class?
Does / has the pupil shown behavioural issues at home?
Does/has the pupil have/had any eating disorders?
Has the pupil ever self-harmed?
Has the pupil ever been bullied?
Would you say the pupil is quirky?
Does the pupil feel like the 'odd one out' at school?
Is the pupil emotionally intelligent? (they pick up on other people's feelings and empathise)
Would you say the pupil is emotionally sensitive?
Does the pupil prefer their own space?

Thank you for your submission.

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