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Unlock your mind's potential with
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Know Your
Neuro Personality




Neurome is a new frontier 3 in 1 human evolution tool which introduces you to your finest assets - your brain and.your mind. It will turn on the light in your mind, sharpen the lens of self awareness; you will know yourself better, which will guide your choices, unleash your potential and massively increase your confidence.  


Understand your real intelligences - it's empowering and will make you feel super good about yourself.

Human expertise meets machine, Neurome is the first analysis of it's kind; vanguard methodology pioneered by a  leading Cambridge PhD expert in the brain and mind, Neurome takes just 15 minutes to complete.


No need for a scan, nor a genetic test, you simply answer a series of questions about yourself, or about the person you want to understand better, submit the interview, pay the fee of £45 and we will send you your Neurome Mind Map.  

How it works

How it works

Complete the Neurome Profiler

Once your account is activated, you will be able to complete the relevant Neurome® Interview for your age & assessment type

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Expert Analysis is

Upon completing the Interview, our  algorithm will get to work analysing your responses. Our neuroscientists will then compile your report.

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Your Personalised Report

Within X hours, your Neurome® Report will be emailed to you. As well as receiving your personalised  report, you will be able to access best-in-class resources to help you better understand  your mid in the Smart Zone.

Neurome® has been developed by experts in neuroscience and behavioural psychology to help individuals better understand how their mind works.

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Suitable for a range of use cases

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Valued by parents, educators, tutors and universities, The Neurome® is being used for entry assessment, to understand pupils and to maximise performance in some of the world's leading private schools.

Schools & Universities

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Nowhere is it more important to foster good relationships and understand each other than it is at home. As a couple or a family, you will get to know each other's Neurome® and open up a whole new world of understanding each other.

Couples & Families

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The Neurome® has been embraced by the innovators in the commercial world to appreciate their talent, and to give their customers an experience of personal value.


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Bringing together more effective teams takes diversity to the deeper level of the mind, which ultimately has a huge positive impact on revenue, relationships and brings a more balanced, optimised way of working.


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The Neurome® Interview is every recruiter's dream, for confirming candidate choice, and placing more confidently with the assurance of scientific data.


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The Neurome® has another string to its bow, because it's also a valuable mind monitor, helping you and those around you to better understand how you feel and behave when you're at your best, and when you're not.

Wellbeing Monitor

Before you start

Neurome® isn't your typical human analytics tool; it's a cutting-edge personal mind management platform with the mission to unravel the complexities of both young minds and adults. Its versatile applications extend to diverse environments, including educational institutions and corporate enterprises. Beyond analysis, Neurome® serves as a vigilant guardian of mental well-being, evolving into a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures the boundless potential of the human mind. Welcome to the future of cognitive empowerment.



For businesses, institutions, or educational establishments, we encourage you to reach out to us directly to ensure you receive the optimal and tailored experience for your needs.

Before you start
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